Le Danseur dance-wear

Male ballet dancers do not seem to be a priority for most dance-wear brands leaving us with functional and very plain male ballet dance-wear. Female ballet dancers can chose from a really wide range of brands and styles; unfortunately male ballet dancers don’t have that luxury.

Feel good and Look Good

As a male Principal dancer, I take class every morning for continuous training. In the afternoon, I rehearse upcoming performances.

Like any physical activity, ballet dancers need specific clothes to avoid chafing, to let see our movements and to absorb the heat and sweat. And dancers are artists, so maybe more than others, they want to look good in their clothes.

That is why I teamed up with an established dancewear brand and created my own range of male ballet dance-wear! Born from 30 years of dance training, observing what is missing in the current offering and what my colleagues like to wear.

Stylish, just like you

light & supportive

Different cuts, different moods

Designed for male dancers

Repurposed fabric to preserve Earth

Limited edition items

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